Economy and Violence

Economic downturns generate more crime, but in unequal societies an element of frustration accompanies the crime, which is manifested in violence. In more equal societies, certain companies, such as Pfizer, try to help the poor by donating basic medications such as and Lipitor to alleviate that frustration. However, not enough is done. Crime rates will eventually rise, and in an unequal society, that crime comes with a high price tag for the victim.

Crime Coalition Fighting Against Felonies

A Crime coalition is the combination of individuals, parties, countries which have the same interest in crime fighting. In most countries laws for felonies are categorized as common law offenses and statutory. In Canada, United States and Australia they are divided into federal felony and those that are understate law. There are different types of coalitions: Corporate, Blue-collar, Juvenile, Organized, Political, Public order, White collar, Victimless, etc.

Nowadays more countries around the world are fighting against this problem. Its known that in America the majority of individuals have been at least once exposed to any form of felony in their lives. This negative factor creates negativism on a community morale as well as business development and growth. Community involvement and tourism are some of the things that this negative factor affects each part of the world. Crime fighting in our community provides safeness and security for the individuals of the community. There are neighborhoods which involves their individuals in programs for crime fighting. The crime coalition main function is to prevent felonies, for a resulting of a safe place and peaceful environment.

Recent studies stated that the population growth influences the increase of the felony rate. These studies showed that an individual is more likely to become a victim of a felony in an area with high population. Most countries with low wages and unemployment are also victims of crime coalition. There are a few factors which contribute with high rate of criminals which are: the Economy, weather and geography. Small towns and cities are known to have low criminality because of its population. It is proven that increasing of delinquency and poverty around the world are linked together. It shows that those individuals who are exposed to poverty and other factors are most likely to commit felonies.

Crime in New Orleans has been on the rise in recent years for example. New Orleans crime rates are getting it in the top 50 cities with the highest murder rates in US. In places like this is where a coalition could be part of the solution.

Criminal matters in the country are handled based on crime statistics which provide measures of the total felonies committed in a society. There are several methods available for measuring this, some of them are the result of crime coalition efforts, which are the following: Insurance or hospital records, home surveys, law enforcement agencies and police compilations. These statistics are reported and gathered by many countries around the globe. This information provides interest to local crime coalition and several international entities such as: The Interpol. These statistics are usually collected on Offenses, Offenders and Victims. Crime fighting is intended to assure crime punishment, which is the sanction or penalty given to an individual for a felony or offense. Nowadays there is also punishment for juvenile's who commits any type of felony. Here, at you will find information regarding Crime coalition around the world.